Mental Health Steering Group


  • Teresa DuCroix (Co-Chair), Director,Health, Safety and Employee Well-Being
  • Jennine Rawana (Co- Chair),  Master Calumet College
  • Helen Lee (Co-Chair), Manager, Wellness and Health Promotion

Committee Members

  • Lisa Brown, Advisor, Education & Communications, Centre for Human Rights, Equity and Inclusion
  • Karen Traboulay, Internal Communications Advisor
  • Susan Seaby, Executive Director, Community Safety Department
  • Jennifer Myers, Executive Director, Athletics & Recreation
  • Deane Taylor, Personal CounsellorAccessibility, Well-Being and Counselling Centre, Glendon College
  • Gillian McCullough, Associate Director Athletics
  • Gayle McFadden, Wellness coordinator, York Federation of Students
  • Aminat Agibabu, Vice President, York Federation of Students
  • Vinitha Gengatharan, Executive Director, York International
  • Christine Omuodo, Student Program Facilitator, York International
  • Jodie Tavares, Executive Officer, Faculty of Graduate Studies
  • Christine Omuodo-Koussi, International Student Program Facilitator, York International