Mental Health & Wellness Contest Results

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Thank you to all entrants in the first Mental Health and Wellness contest at York.


The contest was officially unveiled at the York U Let’s Talk day in January 2014. The premise of the contest was to get members of the York community sharing their views on what they interpreted Mental Health and Wellness to be; to share with the wider community and to promote dialogue amongst community members. By sharing openly, the negative stigma attached to mental health issues can begin to be reduced.

York community members were asked to submit a creative piece, in the form of writing: art, poetry, an image (or several), or a video that captures what mental health and wellness looked like to them.

The contest was open to all York University students – both full- and part-time – staff and faculty members. The work had to original.

35 entries were received from a cross-section of York community members. While all winners in their own right, only 10 could be selected for prizes.


Winner: Mental Health & Wellness Contest

The submission chosen as the overall winner, “Little Pharm,” came from Kara Stone. She described the project as “a set of herbs and flowers planted in my old antidepressant pill bottles.”

LittlePharm1LittlePharm2 LittlePharm3 LittlePharm4 LittlePharm5 LittlePharm6 LittlePharm7

Finalists: Mental Health & Wellness Contest

Alana Gennara 

Alana Gennara mental health and wellness


Brinti Prashanth

"This painting, which I painted during my pregnancy, symbolizes the importance of balance with mind-body-environment which I sought to keep sane. Such dynamics of balance are required for health and well-being. Mother's coping and happiness result in a healthier baby. Likewise, mental health and wellness result in positive life outlook."


Brinti Prashanth


Emily Hughes

Emily Hughes infographhappiness_Page_1


Farhana Haque. "Monster Goes Through," "Unperturbed," & "Unperturbed II"

Monster goes through_Farhana Haque Unperturbed II_Farhana Haque Unperturbed_Farhana Haque


June Pottinger

June Pottinger - Sound Mind


Laura Armstrong's audio piece is performed by Allie Ingalls.


Samira Basir

"Sometimes we get blinded by all that we have to accomplish in the future and forget about everything we have already accomplished. We need to appreciate how far we have come while preparing for how far we would like to go. Reflecting on your life is one way to do this and what better way to reflect than by staring at your own reflection."


Samira Basir  - Reflection


Stephanie Lamonaca Caputo

Stephanie Lamonaca Caputo - Health & Wellness Poster



Vineeth Sam Sekharan

This entry below is intended to be viewed in full screen, one page at a time, click the link below to see the full submission.

Vineeth Sam Sekharan Entry


Thank you, again, to all the entrants for their excellent submissions.