York University’s Mental Health Steering committee oversees an initiative that aims to promote a healthy, inclusive and supportive environment that fosters mental health and well-being among members of the York community. The initiative was developed on the premise that wellness is a necessary pre-condition to learning and working, and that physical, emotional, intellectual, social, spiritual, mental, and cultural and environmental health and learning are interdependent. Through a variety of education, training and awareness events, York University’s Mental Health and Wellness committee strives to promote a more holistic, and integrated approach to campus health that supports academic excellence, employee satisfaction and productivity, as well as the overall success of all York community members.


Attend the launch of the new Mental Health Strategy - Advancing a Mentally Healthy Campus

Hear from students, staff and faculty how York is implementing a pre-eminent mental health and well-being strategy that will benefit the entire community. Light refreshments will be available.

October 18, 12-2pm

Founders College Assembly Hall, Room 152


We are pleased to welcome, keynote speaker Eric Windeler from Jack.org.

Jack.org is a national network of young leaders who are transforming the way people think about mental health. The organization is headed by Eric Windeler. Eric is a father and full-time advocate for youth mental health. Jack.org is the legacy of Eric's son Jack Windeler. In March 2010 Jack, a then first year student at Queens University, tragically and unexpectedly died by suicide. Eric started Jack.org with his wife Sandra Hanington and their closest friends in May 2010. Since then, Eric has put aside his business interests and leads Jack.org full-time. Eric has an instrumental role in all aspects of the project and works tirelessly to inspire discussion about mental health, especially among young people. His efforts extend to fundraising and partnership development with key mental health experts and organizations across the country.

Tables will be set up for further information on the following:

  • Active Minds
  • Employee Health and Well-Being
  • Community Safety
  • Personal Counselling Services
  • The Colleges
  • CUPE
  • YUSA
  • Centre for Human Rights
  • Enable York
  • Jack.org – York chapter
  • York psychology clinic
  • Reach Out
  • Health Education and Promotion
  • Good2Talk
  • Sign-up table for those interested in joining the advisory roundtables


The St. John Ambulance Therapy dogs will be on campus from 1-2pm.